donderdag 3 februari 2011

OPI "Not Like The Movies" and "Black Shatter"

Today I went down to Hilversum (The Netherlands) also know as "Hillywood" because I really wanted to have OPI "Give Me The Moon" in my (not so big) collection. As soon as I arrived at the Sephora in V&D, I realized that the collection I hoped to see wasn't yet arrived in our sweet little country. I bumped into the collection with Katie Perry. A little dissapointed, but I found a colour similar, and that is Not Like The Movies (NL K09).

I wasn't ready yet... even my mother sent me an e-mail with an article from "LINDA" with the message "something for you maybe?" What I'm talking about is "Black Shatter". I really love it!

Black Shatter and Not Like The Movies

As we speak, I'm still not wearing Black Shatter, but only NLTM.

Not Like The Movies (NLTM)

You can't see it that well on this picture, but it's silver shattering with a green or purple shimmering (depends on the light).

Combination of NLTM and Black Shatter.

This picture is taken about 5 minutes later than the last one. It dries immediately and if you make you're layer not too 'fat' than you get the most beautiful result. I love it! And you?

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