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Kashmir Company

Vandaag een klein engels artikel over Kashmir Company

Hand-crafted by master craftsmen, The Kashmir Company products are exceptional and very exclusive. The products are unique in their exquisite and intricate artistry and have been created using materials that are the finest that Kashmir has to offer - the purest hand-woven Himalayan Pashmina, the best Kashmir cashmere wool, and the most exotic Kashmir silk. Every item in each of our collections has been hand selected by our in-house Kashmir experts, some items having been commissioned exclusively for us. Every product offered atThe Kashmir Company has been touched by hand during multiple or all stages of their creation-hand-woven, hand-knotted, hand-embroidered, hand-sown, hand-dyed, hand-washed and even traditionally sun dried - with an attention to detail that only the finest institutions guarantee. 

The Kashmir Company (also referred as The Cashmere Company) offers products via two distinctive brands: 

The Kashmir Company's Seasons Brand. 
Classic & Timeless Fashion Accessories from Kashmir. 

Exclusive and Authentic Pashmina Cashmere Shawls & Silk Scarfs from Kashmir

As wondrous as the first green leaf of spring high up in the Himalayan range, as intense as the blue sky of a perfect summer day and orchards filled with apples and cherries, as festive as the harvest of fall and maple leaves blazing a fiery orange across the Kashmir valley, and as breathtaking as the first snowfall of winter covering the mystic land in a pure white blanket - Kashmir Company's Cashmere Shawl and Silk Scarf Collections are an exclusive, exquisite, and timeless collection of handmade and hand-embroidered Cashmere & Pashmina Shawls and Silk Scarves meant for only those with the most distinctive taste. 

The Kashmir Company's Dynasty Brand. 
Regal Home Furnishing from Kashmir. 

Exclusive Hand Knotted Silk Rugs, Carpets and exclusive furnishings from Kashmir

Dynasty is a line of exclusive and distinctive hand knotted Kashmir Silk Rugs and home accessories inspired by the royal era of carpet weaving dating back to the 15th century, each creation an embodiment of traditions that span centuries. Each piece that we showcase is an heirloom- exquisite and magnificent, worthy of generating many avid conversations. We present to you a collection of exclusive 100% Kashmir silk rugs, grouped by common themes, no two ever alike. Each rug is one of a kind, some commissioned exclusively for Kashmir, and taking few years to weave. The collections are classy and exclusive and the creations distinctive and inimitable. Woven in the highest quality silk the carpets have a special sheen, light playing an important part in highlighting and reflecting the often earthy and rich colors. Each of our Kashmiri silk rugs have a very high knot density, making them some of the best that Kashmir carpet weavers have to offer. 

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