woensdag 21 maart 2012

Random | Things that I love

Claire Belton and Andrew Duff started Everyday Cute as a place to show off their adorable illustrations and comics, but the breakout star ended up being Pusheen, a tubby gray tabby who enjoys eating as much as she loves bouncing around and looking cute. The cat, who is based on Felton's childhood kitty back home, has spawned her own Tumblr account that churns out gif after adorable gif, as well as a highly coveted line of merch that includes a plush doll, T-shirts, and jewelry that helps fans get their Pusheen fix 24 hours a day.
Bron: Catster
Pusheen is een site waar je vrolijk wordt van deze "tubby grey tabby" zoals hij omschreven wordt.
Volg Pusheen op Twitter en Facebook.
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